Hello!!! So… better late than never. I have been wanting to create a blog/website to share my thoughts and favorite captures.

I recently returned from Maui at the crack of dawn this morning. We had a nice short vacation there to celebrate two friends getting maui’d. It was my first Hawaii experience and it was done right! I consider myself a seasoned traveler and Maui beaches really lived up to its hype. We watched in awe as the sun rose above the summit of Mt. Haleakala. The Royal Lahaina luau dined and entertained us. I ran along the beaches and the Kaanapali golf courses. I witnessed one of my favorite girlfriends marry her prince. We partied and danced as the sun set. We braved the road to Hana, which Hana locals actually call “road to Costco.” We didn’t get to witness the blow hole in action, but the many water falls and black sand beaches were amazing enough. Not to mention the miles and miles of untouched coastal edge were picture worthy. The above Gopro image is of a sea turtle I swam along. It was so graceful under the waters. The whales were also active enough to catch sight. Those were just a few of the highlights. All in all, it was a busy yet memorable trip.

So, here I am now, sharing my experience in hopes that it makes my first blog entry somewhat interesting. Though I am generally a “catch every single moment on camera” kinda gal, I have learned to put the camera down and seize the moment, the shapes, the colors, the light, and the subjects using God’s gift; my eyes.

As cliché as it sounds, the gift of sight is a blessing. This leads to my photography purpose. My profession is optometry. I truly love everything about my work. I ensure good health and vision of one’s eyes. Without this gift of sight, there would be no photography.

There is no camera or photographer than can freeze what our eyes vividly see. We can try to portray the feelings, the words spoken, the thoughts processed, or all the interactions between the subjects and/or environment… which is EXACTLY what I will attempt to share from here on out through my photos.

Photography is what I want to perfect. Like optometry, there is always something new to learn. I love that! The type of photography I want to pursue is a simple one. It’s the kind that catches the twinkle of a young child’s eyes, the playfulness of a family dog, or the energy and unconditional love of a family. Whether it be in natural light, a staged scene, or even candid moments, I want to share my love for photography through my eyes.




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